Asia is bursting with economic growth, population explosion and, at the same time, overwhelming human need.  Tremendous diversity of culture and religion make it a challenging context in which to communicate the gospel.  But while the eyes of the world are on Asian economies, the most exciting growth is in the Church!  God is pouring out His Spirit and grace, and we are excited to be there with His servants from many nations seeking to make Christ known!

Growing the Church through Community

In an Islamic country of 7 million, the church is being born.  An estimated 1,000 believers are quietly growing and spreading good news.  Our team serves by providing medical care to their community in hopes of mentoring their Christian coworkers and sharing Christ with their peers and patients.

In India, our team aims to plant churches by helping Indians meet the holistic needs of their neighbors.  Micro-enterprise efforts that strengthen local communities provide a vehicle to spread the gospel in one of the poorest regions of India.

We want to hear your story and your sense of God's leading for connecting with Asia.  Here are brief descriptions of ministry opportunities in Asia and Central Asia.  These represent unique ways of joining with God's people in ministry in this needy but exciting part of the world.
UWM is also willing to open new fields at the invitation of national leaders in a nation and/or when a U.S. church wishes to send a team in partnership with us.
Ancient Meets Modern. Gospel Meets Asia.

Asia.  Home of the largest missionary sending force in the world.  Home of the hardest places for the gospel to spread.
A land of many extremes, Asia is filled with rapidly growing churches in some places and absolutely no access to the gospel in others.  
Our hope is to help Asian believers plant, nourish and reproduce churches that delight God and surprise their world. 

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