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Collaborative Partner FAQ's

What is a Collaborative Partnership?

A “Collaborative Partnership” as defined by UWM is when North American churches, businesses, or other organizations are brought together in long-term partnership with a church, denomination, or training organization in a context around the world.

What kind of North American organizations enter these partnerships?

Our experience has been that churches, businesses, or other organizations desire a partnership that provides opportunity for relationship and connection to ministry opportunities as well as sharing of resources.  

What do these international church planting organizations look like?

Most often these groups of churches/denominations already have a history of planting churches but are looking to take it to the next level. They realize that they have needs such as training, mentoring, evangelistic and/or humanitarian outreach, mercy and justice issues, and even business development opportunities that can create income to fund the national effort or resolve economic/poverty concerns.

How long does a North American organization have to commit to the partnership?

It depends upon the project and the partners, but usually a 3-5 year commitment is required for a collaborative partnership.  “Connecting” through shorter-term commitments is also a valid and workable form of partnership through our missionaries on the field.  

What kinds of projects are available for the North American organizations to participate in?

Collaborative partnerships are focused on fulfilling the outreach vision and strategies of global partners that have a track record and healthy reputation in their context.  Typical projects include: nation-wide church planting initiatives, leadership development and ministry training, business development, community development and ministries of compassion (e.g. medical, water, agricultural, micro-enterprise, etc.).   

What kind of financial commitment is required to enter a partnership?

It depends upon the project, time frame, and context.  We try hard to avoid unhealthy dependency in the ways we use funds from outside a context, and we work to build an interdependent approach that values but relativizes the place of money alongside other types of contribution partners make.

How does a Global Partnership work?

Usually there is an initial vision/relationship building visit with partners in their context.  Then, UWM facilitates partnership development process that outlines the expectations and projected contributions of each partner as well as the shared goals and intended outcomes.  A communication strategy is developed, including how to measure progress in the partnership and when partnership meetings will take place.

How do we get started?

Contact Mark Szymanski HERE.

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