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Theological Education Initiative
Theological Education Initiative

Chris has a PhD in New Testament Studies and plans to serve in Latin American seminaries to equip pastors and church leaders. UWM also equips church planters, ministry leaders, and cross-cultural missionaries through non-formal methods of ministry training. 	United World Mission (UWM) exists to serve with Christian leaders globally to plant, nourish and reproduce churches that delight God and surprise the world. The fulfillment of this mission necessitates equipping and theological training at multiple levels for God’s servants in all nations. UWM has considerable experience in non-formal training of church planters and cross-cultural workers and has been increasingly involved in formal theological training.
United World Mission’s effort to address global needs in theological training will be fulfilled primarily by deploying missionary scholars in partnership with training institutions, Bible institutes, theological seminaries, and universities around the world. This new undertaking is UWM’s “Theological Education Initiative” (TEI).
The principal motivation for TEI lies in the tremendous ongoing needs and opportunities for contextually appropriate theological education and ministry equipping around the globe. A second motivation derives from UWM’s recognition of the complex challenges missionary scholars face as they seek to teach and serve in cross-cultural contexts and indigenous institutions. Through TEI, UWM desires to facilitate missionary scholars’ calling and success for the sake of leadership development and theological education on behalf of the global church. Networking these scholars together will enable the sharing of resources and provide a forum for addressing common challenges.
Therefore, UWM is seeking missionary scholars with masters and/or doctoral level training who desire to contribute to world-wide theological education and leadership development. TEI scholars are UWM missionaries whose primary role is in formal theological education. Such individuals will help foster the development of healthy churches and help promote the talents and insights of contextualized biblical theologies.

The mission of UWM’s Theological Education Initiative is to field and support missionary scholars who will contribute biblical theological education that is contextually relevant for the equipping of God’s people to serve the church and society.

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