Theological Education Initiative

Core to our mission is the task of forming leaders spiritually, biblically, and practically so that they serve the church and the world in the way of Jesus.  One aspect to our leadership development mandate is theological education. UWM's Theological Education Initiative (TEI) sends and nurtures missionary scholars that contribute biblical theological education that is contextually relevant for the equipping of God's people to serve the church and society.
A key aspect of the TEI is to serve missionary scholars as they seek to meet the challenge of teaching and serving in cross-cultural contexts and indigenous institutions. Through TEI, UWM desires to nurture both the "missionary" and "scholar" roles of our staff.  Our vision is that they serve the great need in the church around the world for contextually theological education--while also fulfilling their calling as scholars by continued interaction in the academy (in whatever form that takes for each individual).
The Theological Education Initiative's principle strategies are: (i) To develop partnerships with theological seminaries, Bible schools, and training programs around the world that share our values; (ii) To mobilize and send missionary scholars to serve within these institutions and programs; and  (iii) To network missionary scholars--and encourage national scholars--in order to learn together and support each other in our common task.
United World Mission is seeking missionary scholars with masters and/or doctoral level training that desire to contribute to theological education and leadership development in global settings.  We consider TEI scholars to be UWM missionaries whose primary role is in formal theological education, and they are often assigned to serve under the leadership and structure of a partner school. TEI scholars contribute to UWM's vision for the church by forming church leaders and by promoting the perspectives and talents of national scholars and the insights of contextualized biblical theologies.  

Oppportunities to Serve in TEI
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TEI'S Mission

The mission of UWM's Theological Education Initiative is to field and support missionary scholars who will contribute biblical theological education that is contextually relevant for the equipping of God's people to serve the church and society.


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